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Build My Rank discount - In case you are trying to find a promotion code or Build My Rank discount of any kind, your research should end just about now. This is because there are really no officially verified Build My Rank discounts. But don't allow this to prevent you from using the most highly rated, and reputable back-link building service.

Any webmaster who's in the rat race of trying to get his/her domain to gain SERPs knows the importance of back-links. Simply put, they are reference from other websites to your domain, which will make your website more appealing and it's content important and relevant. But everybody knows how hard it's to get a reference like this. Firstly, other domains avoid doing this as they don't want to send traffic your way, and secondly they might not even know you exist.

Here is where Build My Rank enters; it's a network of 2500 and growing blogs where articles of 150 words or even more can be posted, which contain links to your domain. This network grows by a hundred or so every month. Availing their services has assured recent results for thousands of successful web sites all over the globe, and you can perform the same.

Here is why a Build My Rank discount doesn't exist and is not even required:

?    For being probably the most respected link building service online, their prices are quite reasonable. The more domain you order links for, the cheaper it is. Also, in case you decide to cancel the subscription, the links are permanent and are not taken down. Pricing is from $59 for 5 domains till $159 for 50 domains per month. These are high-quality, permanent, real looking and contextually relevant links, not like forum comments that can get a domain banned from search results.

?    They have a free trial period offer for that first ten links. Thus, you might test the service for yourself, and if satisfied with the results, go for a more long-term commitment.

?    They also do post publishing promotion, which means they create RSS feed for that article via FeedAgg and several other services.

?    The articles is posting on 25-75 social book-marking sites like Delicious and Twitter.

?    They come with an indexing rate of 95 percent or more, which is quite spectacular.

A word of caution.

While you will find sites out there talking about unofficial Build My Rank discounts, be very careful in venturing for these scams, since much more of them are just scams. Check thoroughly and find out if they have an assurance from official Build My Rank group, or could they be just trying to fleece you.

By now you must have realized that for the number and quality of services Build My Rank provides at a highly reasonable rate, along with the free trial period - there really is not need for a Build My Rank discount or promotion code. Go ahead, give it a try; few have ever been disappointed.


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